But… The Future Refused to Change: Unedited Facebook Posts, December 2019

Saturday, 7th December, 10:30

Even if you’re not out canvasing this weekend, now is a critical time to be talking to family, friends, neighbours, etc., about their concerns and intentions for Thursday’s crucial election. ESPECIALLY in Midlands seats, which are at real risk of turning blue for the first time in generations. The ruling elite expect to feast on our inertia, lack of self-esteem, and indifference. Let us do them no pleasure.

Unity across every divide. Let not a single one of us be left behind. Only through honest and compassionate discussion can we reach out to the people we love, and let them know they haven’t been forgotten. Reassure them that is a party for all of us in this day and age, and remind them of the name of this party. #VoteLabour

Monday, 9th December, 14:50

With NHS staff and funding at critically low levels, and the very palpable threat of widescale nationalisation around the corner, Thursday’s election is a vital opportunity to steer Britain onto a different path. For 2 years the government held secret trade talks with the US, and at no point did they take the NHS out of their negotiations! The massive drive towards deregulation, plus influx of private contracts since the 80s (as part of a program of “stealth privatisation”), combined with American demand for “total market access” to UK pharmaceutcal markets, demonstrate the depths to which the Tories are willing to sacrifice our public services in pursuing their agendas. Don’t give them the mandate.

Our doctors, nurses, medical students and staff are able to protect us at our most vulnerable. We need to do the same for our NHS, before it is too late. #VoteLabour

Tuesday, 10th December, 12:02

Conservatives want you to think this is a Leave vs Remain war, a culture war. It benefits them to hide from you what this is and has always been: an economic war, a war between those without opportunity and those who take opportunity away. Love and unity are our strongest weapons.

When all other parties are locked into the false promises of 2016, of 52 vs 48, only Labour dares to keep it 100. #VoteLabour

Wednesday, 11th December, 18:12

Tomorrow we have the chance for a fairer, more productive and stronger economy. By raising corporation tax on the monopolies and protecting 95% of people from income tax hikes, Labour will be the biggest ally to businesses on the local and national level, creating a diverse market and reigning in corruption. By protecting and strengthening workers’ rights, and offering a genuine living wage of £10 per hour, Labour will undo years of austerity that has left our communities in poverty, homelessness, unemployment, in food banks and in hospital corridors. By putting wealth back into our hands and away from the millionaires, we will all be able to invest in our communities and local businesses, and create a future that will attract investors from all over the world.

The steady hand on the economy is Labour’s. #VoteLabour

Thursday, 12th December, 09:13

Whose future is this? And for how much longer will we be expected to suffer?

Today gives us hope, hope for our ailing democracy, to put an end to the misinformation and lies, for the complacency of a ruling class which treats us with contempt and will stop at nothing to drive us apart for their own ends. But we have the strength to resist, to fight to make the future possible once again. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel that you can’t make a difference, to speak on your behalf when they come for our wages, our rights, and our public services, use our taxes to fund murderous overseas campaigns, make an excuse of poverty, homelessness and death, to excuse the wealthy multinationals and private landlords from paying a fair share and footing us with the expenses. Let the Conservatives know that we won’t stand for this a day longer.

I appreciate skepticism, disbelief that the future can ever change, and the seemingly impossible feeling that it’s possible to trust anything politicians promise ever again. But it is vital we use the electoral tools at our current disposal to enable these things to change. As a famous conservative author once said, what use is the laughing face of irony against the steel grimace of death? Or, we could say, what use is our skepticism if we can’t use it to reach a progressive conclusion? There is a world of difference between the two major parties today, just as, despite what the papers and broadcasters would like you to believe, there is a world of difference between the Blairite shambles the Labour party was a few years ago and the people-led, reinvigorated Labour party of today. Look how far we’ve come on the expectations of so little, and look how short the distance is from here to the polling station at 10pm tonight.

It’s not every day that we’re able to invent the future.

Thursday, 12th December, 15:53

“The long, dark night at the end of history has to be grasped as an enormous opportunity. […] From a situation in which nothing can happen, suddenly anything is possible again.” – Mark Fisher

Friday, 13th December, 16:57

However yesterday’s result turned out, this was going to be the beginning of the fight of our lives. The greatest of respect has to be reserved for the people who rejected the dominant narratives, who saw poverty, failing schools and hospitals, food banks, rampant xenophobia, far-right resurgence, and the stoking of hatred on an increasingly unihabitable earth and firmly denied the necessity of such things. Thank you to all of you. Your time and votes are never in vain. History is a long, dark night, and we are firmly on the right side of it. The strength of the Labour movement must absolutely remain united. The vultures are already circling.

We must reflect, mourn, and be angry, but be unafraid to continue the fight. At 7pm lat night, a few hours before the polls closed, I was talking to a homeless man in the rain and freezing cold, telling me there was no space left for him in the local shelter. His story has not come to an end, and so neither can the future we wish to live in be turned away. Votes for women, the NHS, the end of South African apartheid, and declaring a climate emergency all ran counter to the interests of the ruling elites, yet the people stood unafraid and insisted that they become reality. We must be prepared to do the same as we have done before. We have begun something unique in all of Western politics, that was unimaginable only five years ago. As long as there are workers and nonworkers who remain at the long, thin wedge of society, our compassion and ability to resist the politics of inequality must continue to be unbound.

Always, for the many, not the few.

Friday, 13th December, 17:04

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